September 8, 2014
ShoptoCook introduces online ordering for cakes, deli platters, gift cards, and more!
Have you been asking yourself, "Should I offer online ordering?"

That question should be replaced with "How soon can I offer online ordering?". The answer is NOW!

A growing number of shoppers have come to expect the convenience of online ordering and will often take their business elsewhere if your website doesn't have it. ShoptoCook offers a wide range of online ordering solutions that meet the needs of today's shoppers; from platters and plates to flowers and cakes, online ordering is now easy and inexpensive to execute for the most common catering and party planning solutions you offer.

We are seeing average orders of $75.00+ and you are assured pickup with the upfront payment feature, plus online ordering reduces staff time associated with order taking. Increase sales and satisfy shoppers!

Get started today by calling ShoptoCook at 716-362-3168 and ask for sales.

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